Friday, September 23, 2011

Your Guardian Angel- your greatest friend

Greetings all, Glory here. You have a great and powerful friend in your guardian angel.  He was given to you by God Himself, he will never leave you.
The angels are finite pure spirits modelled on the INFINITE, PURE,  SPIRIT WHICH IS GOD.

In our world we look around at the beauty and variety in nature different trees, flowers, birds, especially ourselves - none of us are exactly alike - but the beauty in our world dims into plainness compared to the angelic world.  St Thomas Aquinas tells us that the difference in each individual angel is immense, as different as a man and a rose or a fly and an elephant!
The angels are a luminous image of DIVINITY'S  PERFECTIONS  - STUPENDOUS  in its beauty - STAGGERING in its wide variety.  Yet all this is no more than a foggy outline of  the BEAUTY OF GOD.

God Himself gives each of us a guardian angel.  Your angel burning with love for God and full of intense love for you, interceding constantly for you to God.
Our guardian angel may not interfere with our free will, but he will do his very best urging us to correct our weaknesses, he is ever on the alert to protect us from danger and to turn our thoughts to God.  His efforts on our behalf are unceasing.  Love him, he never forgets you!
Our guardian angel's knowledge is all that our own is not - accurate, complete, absolutely firsthand, coming to him from TRUTH  ITSELF - GOD.

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