Monday, March 19, 2012

St Dominic Savio

Dominic was born on 2nd April 1842 in Riva, near Turin, one of 10 children born to poor parents.  His father was a blacksmith, and his mother was a seamstress.  When Dominic was twelve he joined the school of St John Bosco at Turin.  Under the guidence of St John Bosco, Dominic grew in sanctity.  Dominic was outstanding for cheerfulness and friendliness.  He said "I can't do big things, but I want all I do, even the smallest thing to be for the greater glory of God."
We get the most facts about Dominic's life from the account written by St John Bosco about the spiritual experiences that were given to Dominic such as supernatural knowledge - of people in need, of their spiritual state, of the future.  St John Bosco tells us that the needs of England had an important part in Dominic's prayers.  Dominic saw a wide mist-shrouded plain, with a crowd of people groping about in it, then came a figure carrying a torch that lighted up the whole scene, and a voice said "This torch is the Catholic faith which shall bring light to the English people."  At Dominic's request St John Bosco told this to Pope Pius 1X who declared that it confirmed his resolution to give great care and attention to England.
Dominic's delicate health got worse, on the evening of March 9th 1857, he asked his father to read the prayers for the dying, suddenly his face lit up with a smile of intense joy, and he said "I am seeing most wonderful things!"  They were his last words.  Dominic was beatified in 1950, and canonized in 1954.

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