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Greetings to you all, Glory here.  About 20 years ago my sister gave me an extract from a book called "My Other Self" the author is Clarence J Enzler [1910 -1976].  I dont know much about Clarence only that he was American and he wrote other books one of which was "Everyone's way of the Cross". I haven't even read "My other self".  But this extract really speaks to the heart I just think it is wonderful. [I am sure if you are interested you could get the book on Amazon].
In this extract Clarence is letting Jesus speak heart to heart to the individual soul.
MY  OTHER  SELF [by Clarence J. Enzler]

My dear friend, My greatest desire is that you be happy.  Believe that I am goodness itself.  Believe that I want your happiness far more that you yourself want it.
Try to realise that I see all your thoughts and emotions.  All your troubles and desires.  I know you far more intimately than you know yourself.  I know you not only as you are, but as you have been, and as you will be; and I know all of this NOW.

There is no past or future with Me; there is only the eternal now. If, then, I hold you and all things in existence by my will, no one thing can happen without my permission.  You cannot move, talk, listen, feel, see, or think without my concurrence.  Of yourself you cannot raise your finger, blink your eye; your heart cannot beat your lungs expand.  You cannot think a single thought without My doing much more of the work than you do yourself.  Literally you can do nothing, neither good or evil, without Me. I am in all that you do; all that you do, you can do only in, with, and through My power.  Whatever I send you or permit to happen to you is, under the circumstances, the best that could be.  For those who love Me, all things work together for good.  They must.  I will have it no other way.

This is My power.  Realize it.  Ponder it. Meditate, and understand how foolhardy it is not to trust in Me.  How foolish to resist My will, when no one can alter My decrees.  I am your refuge and your strength, Abandon yourself to Me.  Do not doubt Me, My friend, Do not be irritated at your pain, your losses, your sickness, your enemies. View them as the means by which I guide you to Myself.

If opposition and affliction were not the food of your spiritual growth, I would never allow them to approach you, much less touch you.  I send you nothing that is too heavy for you to bear.  Everything is fitted precisely to your strength.  If you realized My love for you, you would surely have confidence in Me.  Before the world was made, I loved you.  When there was no earth, no sun, no angels, I knew you were to be, when you would appear, what place you would have in My plan, how long you would live, what thoughts you would think and what prayers you would pray - and I loved you.

Time never was when I did not love you.  My making you was the expression of My infinite, eternal love, I love you far more than you love yourself, do not be afraid to abandon yourself wholly to Me.  Is there anything that I have not done, and that I can do, to win your complete confidence?  Tell Me and I will do it.  Remember I died for you.  Cling to Me with all your heart, with all your will, and I will make you a Saint.  The love of a mother, even the love of My Mother for Me, is nothing to My love for you.

"Just as the Father loves Me, so I love you".  I willingly died for you centuries before you were conceived in your mother's womb.  And I would die for you again, as often as might be necessary, if by dying I could win your love and your salvation.  What ever I do, whatever I send to you, should delight you.  A thousand times a day I smooth your way and strengthen you with My grace.  I see you always and I love you always.  Have confidence then, as a little child.  As you hope and trust, so shall you receive.  Never fear that you ask too much of Me.  Such humility is not humility, but lack of trust.  I say to you as to My Apostles, "Why are you so timid? How is it that you are still without faith?"

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