Sunday, May 18, 2014


......... This is a Sublime and heavenly state, reached only by those who in all things hear God ask them whether they love Him, and who feel that He so yearns for and desires our love that He seems as though He would die of longing.  Such souls realise that He created all things for this end and asks no other payment for them but love;   that He feeds on nothing but love, for the sake of which He forgives all sins, however great, and forgets them as though they had never been, solely to make those who were His enemies love Him without delay.  He begs them to accept His pardon and receive it, so that He may not remain unloved:

He never ceases granting favours that He may never cease to win the love which seems the only thing that can abate the infinite flame that continually burns within Him, so that He may, as it were, begin anew to love us, as though our love were holy water that heated the eternal furnace of His charity!
.....[Francisco de Osuna c 1492-1540]

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